What is The Energy renovation?

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Why do we need an Energy renovation?

In many successful countries the revolution towards better energy policy has already begun, but Finland is at risk of falling behind in the development. The energy field is approaching a turning point, one that could be compared with the digital revolution that creates a rapidly growing market and fantastic employment opportunities within new energy solutions. Finland has a chance to stand at the forefront of this development. However, current energy politics are not taking us anywhere in the global competition. Therefore the goals of energy politics need to be brought into this century.

What does the Energy renovation stand for?

The aim of the campaign is to lead Finland into making the decision of transferring into a country with total sustainable, renewable energy and to initiate this change right now. The most important role in this development is played by the government and by the parliament, for which this campaign works as a roadmap. Likewise, the campaign encourages companies, municipalities and homes to make the decision to switch into renewables.


Who is behind the campaign?

The campaign is conducted by people with a variety of backgrounds, united by the inspiration for the breakthrough of renewable energy. The campaign possesses no hired staff and is independent of political parties and organizations. Fund-raising is done through the newly initiated association Energiaremontti ry in order to boost the campaign. The campaign team is lead by campaign chief Piia Kuosmanen. The campaign itself is solely steered by its goals and directs itself. Everybody is welcome to work for the campaign, so join us!

Objectives for the Finnish government

The goal is to bring about a government platform that inspires for an energy renovation and includes clear policies for the transitioning of Finland into a country of solely renewable energy by the year 2050, and that this change will begin immediately. The aim is to give up coal by 2025 and end the use of other fossil fuels for the production of electricity and heat by 2035. The campaign does not strive to alter granted licenses for nuclear power plants nor does it aim to shut down current power plants.

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Want to join the campaign?

Everybody interested in the campaign is free to join! What is most important is that you feel you can relate with the campaign objective and want to advance it in some way you feel comfortable with. The campaign consists of different working groups that benefit from many different kinds of talent. The easiest way to join is by filling in the volunteer form.

You are welcome to join us even if you don’t fully agree with all of the objectives. The campaign aims to bring about a big policy change and has room for a certain variety of opinions. Let’s not cling onto little things, but create a change for the better!

Want to hear more?
Piia Kuosmanen
Campaign chief
045 138 3184